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Hidden Terminal problem in asynchronous MAC

Dear All

i am new in wireless sensor network and trying to study some papers. i already read some papers on asynchronous MAC. Hidden terminal problem is a crucial issue in wsn though the sensor node is buttery powered.


my specific question is that

is any asynchronous MAC exist that completely solve hidden terminal problem and as well as energy saving ?

Thanks in advance for any response related to topics


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I can inform you that the WSN does use the MAC protocol and already is very energy efficient, it is not uncommon for the WSN to run several years off of the batteries. However, you mentioned “hidden terminals”,  can you expand on what you mean by “hidden terminal”? Once you configure the network there should be no issues finding other nodes.

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please have a look in the following link





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As far as National Instruments network nodes are concerned and according to your link, there is not an issue with “hidden terminal”.  With the correct configuration Node A connected Node B and Node B connected Node C; Node A can get Node C data. I have attached a good link that talks about setting up WSN in software and hardware.


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