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Digital Output Sensor with WSN 3202

Hye, I have to do my project to sense temperature and humidity using wsn 3202 and wsn 9791 to display on LABVIEW. My lecturer ask me to use digital signal output sensor which is DHT11 ( https://www.adafruit.com/product/386 ). But my main problem I really dont know how to connect the sensor to my wsn 3202. Should I just connect the DATA PIN from the sensor to my wsn 3202 DIGITAL INPUT OUTPUT PIN ?. Should I use any extra device/hardware?? Can anyone guide me how to do it,? I really appreciate it. Maybe I can paid if the solution given is working. 


1. VCC (3-5V)
4. GND

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anyone can help?? at least is there any example using digital input for wsn3202?? try to search but cannot find

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Firstly, you would want to understand how digital sensors work. Typically, they would communicate using a protocol. Standard protocols exist (UART, RS232, I2C, SPI etc) and it would be more straight forward to communicate using these protocols as NI has libraries/drivers for them.


Unfortunately, it seems that your sensor uses a non-standard proprietary protocol. In such instance, you will need to implement your own encoding/decoding of the digital signals. Adafruit also seems to provide library and example code for the Arduino, so that would be a good place to start, if you need a general idea on how the protocol works. It also seems that you will need to implement an additional external circuit that uses a pull up resistor.


For digital communication, it is preferable to use hardware timed DIO to ensure that the timing requirements are met. This feature does not seem to be supported on the WSN-3202.


You might get some mileage if you are using the programmable version of the WSN-3202, and uploading a custom code on the WSN-3202. However, if you are using the non-programmable version, you will face issues when trying to meet the timing requirements of the protocol, as the WSN is designed for low-rate monitoring applications.


Hope this helps!

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so it seem almost impossible to use the digital sensor with wsn 3202, can anyone suggest me any analog type model of temperature, humidity and light sensor to do this?

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WSN 3202 can measure temperature for you, just connect a thermocouple to it. 

Sorry I dont have any recommendation on humidity and light sensor. 


UPDATE: Sorry, 3202 does not have thermoucouple attribute settings. I confused it with WSN 3212

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