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Bluetooth Data Aqcuisition with NI DAQ

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So we are looking into purchasing this https://www.me-systeme.de/shop/en/electronics/gsv-6/gsv-6bt to transmit the data. It fills all of our needs. So I was planning on connecting the USB bluetooth adapter to the DAQ that we already have in a wired system to make it wireless. Are you saying that we no longer need the DAQ if we have the USB adapter plugged into the computer and can directly transmit the data from the transmitter to the adapter effectively?

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Yep! That device will perform the analog-to-digital conversion for you, which would make the cDAQ redundant. From looking at the device's spec sheet, you will get worse performance with this device than with the 9237, but it may not matter for your application. If you are concerned about signal conditioning or resolution, I would recommend testing both setups to see if the extra performance provided by the 9237 makes a difference for your measurements.



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Okay. Thanks again for your help!

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