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Bluetooth Data Aqcuisition with NI DAQ

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I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, but I am currently doing wired data acquisition with a NI DAQ that connects to the computer through USB. I have strain gauges that are wired to completion circuits that are connected to a module in the DAQ. The data is then ran through LabView. I have attached a picture of the setup. I want to convert the strain gauge to DAQ portion to wireless via Bluetooth. How would I go about doing so? I've seen several links in my search discuss USB Bluetooth modules or other port connections that connect directly to the PC. Can the DAQ still be utilized with this method? Do I need to get a new DAQ that has a port for these modules? Do I need to get a DAQ that has Bluetooth capabilities? Any help in understanding this process would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Would something like this http://us.brainboxes.com/product/bl-830/bluetooth-to-rs232-serial-adapter-1-port-female allow the DAQ to receive the data wirelessly? I believe that is the type of port on our DAQ where the modules connect. 

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Accepted by topic author Cande002
02-14-2019 02:09 PM

Hi Cande002,


Just connecting that bluetooth to rs232 adapter to your chassis will not allow it to interface with the cDAQ chassis. The ports in each slot of the chassis are designed for NI C Series modules. If you would like to use a NI DAQ device in conjunction with this Bluetooth receiver, then you should use a converter to convert the RS 232 connector on the Bluetooth device to the port that you have on your cDAQ module.


Alternatively, you could probably connect to your cDAQ chassis over your local network and stream data to your PC this way, although not all chassis' may support this functionality. What chassis model are you using?


Also, would you mind talking a bit more about the goals for your project? There are many different ways of implementing a remote acquisition system and it will be hard for us to recommend anything to you without having an understanding of your project goals.




Duncan W.

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I am using a NI CDAQ-9172. It can be seen in the picture attached to my previous comment. We are trying to collect strain data from strain gauges connected to specific tools so that we can convert the strain data into force applied by the tools. These tools are used in Spine surgery so we are attempting to make the system wireless to remove any extra clutter. So we are trying to transmit the data from the strain gauges to the DAQ so we can gather the raw strain and convert it into force with LabView code. If I was to pursue the converter idea, where would the converter connect to on the DAQ? The only ports we have are the jacks in the module or the port below the on/off switch (I'm not sure what its called) that is used to connect the DAQ to the PC.

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The jacks on the module are the ones you'll need to connect to. I would recommend taking a look at the datasheets for both your chassis and the module you are currently using to develop an intuition about how they operate. I've linked the guide for the 9172 below.


cDAQ 9172 User Guide and Specifications


Personally, I would advise against a wireless solution to avoid clutter, as clutter can easily be managed through proper cable organization and wireless introduces new challenges, but there is no reason that a properly working Bluetooth receiver could not be connected to a cDAQ chassis to acquire data this way.


-Duncan W.

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Thank you! I will familiarize myself with the user guide and plan to use a converter. As for making it wireless, that's not up not me but I appreciate your help with everything.

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If I were to take a Bluetooth USB adapter and plug it into the DAQ via this converter https://www.amazon.com/UCEC-USB2-0-Ethernet-Adapter-Connector/dp/B011NOVTMO/ref=sr_1_15?crid=3COEH2X... do you think it would work?

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I took a look at the Amazon page and it is not clear to me what protocol the ethernet end of the adapter uses. You'll need it to use the same protocol as the module in your chassis. Without knowing the exact protocol, all I can say is that it might work, but it also might not.


What module are you using to read in the data?


-Duncan W.

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We are using a NI 9237. The ports are RJ50 but the converter is RJ45. However, I have read that RJ45 will still work in this module. My biggest concern was that the product description states that it does not supply the necessary power to the modem as a PC would. Would the DAQ module provide the power through the converter to the Bluetooth adapter so that it is functional?

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It is possible that RJ45 will work here. We do not recommend using a RJ45 cable though as it could damage the extra pins on the module's RJ50 connector.


The DAQ module would not provide the power to the Bluetooth adapter. What the product description is implying is that you have to use an externally-powered USB device with the RJ45toUSB adapter because it cannot drive devices over USB.


One thing I would be curious about is how are you planning to transmit the data from the sensor? If you already have a system that reads in the data and transmits it digitally over Bluetooth, then you probably do not need a cDAQ and can just connect directly to your PC, which would be able to power the Bluetooth adapter.



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