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Application of TCP/IP

I want to transmit Arduino data to LABView via TCP/IP, but according to the diagram below,

when TCP listen is inside the loop, it takes about 10 seconds for data to arrive with each iteration.

However, if TCP listen is outside the loop, the first iteration works fine, but when the second iteration is executed, it throws error 66, and no data appears.

How can I improve this?



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We cannot debug pictures. Please attach the VI!


Virtually 100% of your code makes absolutely no sense and shows a complete lack of understanding of LabVIEW and networking protocols.


I would recommend to start by studying the TCP examples that ship with LabVIEW.


Why wrote the program running on the Arduino? Error 66 means the Arduinio closed the connection.

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Thank you for your response. Here is my VI file. I'm a beginner, and there is limited information available through Korean internet searches, so I'm not sure which websites can provide help. I hope you can provide some external websites for me. Thank you very much.

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