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9792 Find dip switch position remotely

Is there a way to see/find the dip switch positions on the 9792 remotely? I didn't see anything in MAX or distributed system manager that shows me what position the switches are in.

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Hi duelingcats,


As far as I know, there's no way to check the position of these dip switches remotely. Is there a specific switch/status that you're concerned about?

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Yes, I am having an issue with a 9792 gateway that isn't starting the rtexe that is on at boot. I have had to open the labVIEW project, right click the vi under the gateway and select run for it to start.


I was thinking maybe someone had switched the no app dipswitch position to on. They (the ones who have said gateway deployed) told me that they are all in the off position, but I wanted to verify that from my end.


We have many 9792 gateways all programmed the same way and I even went through setup (configuring ip address, installing real-time, installing our software) on another gateway at the same time step by step. However, this one gateway isn't running the project on startup while all the others are.

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I believe you've started a service request with my colleague Alex, in which case I recommend continuing to troubleshoot the issue with him, as that will be a more formal way of keeping track of it.


If not, and so that people with the same question can find some steps in the future, I'll recommend the same thing he did:


"We may be able to view the settings associated with these switches by FTP/WebDAV'ing into the WSN-9792 and viewing the INI file.

The ni-rt.ini file may contain a token indicating whether NOAPP mode is on. Would it be possible to view this file on your 9792 to see whether such a token exists?

If there is only one 9792 that is having problems in the field, would deploying an image to it from one of your working 9792's be an option? This may be a good use case for the RAD Utility."

Replication and Deployment (RAD) Utility:

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