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simple load test model vi using usb 6211

Hi to all,

           I have made a model vi that we can acquire signal for load cell test analysis still more things to do with that but somewhat i have done certain things first to acquire voltage signals still more to write but befor that i need to know is that a correct method to do the code, as far as, i'm not a professional developer, need some more ideas to make my vi works more simpler and what i want actually is,

1) First i need to display the XY graph more accurately in a vi i made it works only for first two graph how can i make work similarly for all the graphs when i was about to change the channel values it was not working except first two graphs.

2) Secondly, is that a correct method to save a acquiring data in a file, how can i give a file name instead copy and paste thing in this vi.

i need some suggestions for this doubts.

Thanks in advance,



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