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Webcast Wednesday Contest # 9


Build a VI using  Report Generation VIs that generates a Microsoft Word  like the screenshots below.

Attach VIs and other files in your answer by clicking on the Advanced/Full Editor mode in your comment window while you are typing the comment.

ww2-july 3.JPG

Leave your answers as comments below by clicking on Reply

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Rules & Guidelines

  • Post your answers as comments on this thread.
  • The participant answering all the questions correctly and in the shortest time will be the winner. In case of VI or code as answers, the participant will also be judged on the basis of the efficiency of the VI/code.
  • The deadline for answer submission is next Monday. Entries made after Monday will not be accepted.
  • Entries made after the deadline will not be accepted.
  • The winner will be announced in the next session of Webcast Wednesday and on this thread, with further information & next steps.

Recordings of the Previous Sessions

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With Warm Regards,

Parth Somaiya

Message 3 of 10

Hi Friends,

               Here is my VI. Try enabling the ctrl+H.

Give me your feedback on my VI.

Thanks and Regards

Ganesha Moorthy A

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Hi MoatazKamel,

                        Your VI is great learnt some new things and all the best for the contest.

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Hi Paarth,

               Good show, all the best for the contest...Smiley Happy

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Message 6 of 10

Hi Ganesh Moorthy Arunagiri,

Nice One, All the best for the contest to u also.

Warm Regards,


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Hello Friends,

Please find the attached rar file.. Run the Report Generation.vi

Thanks & Regards,

Shweta Walanj

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Message 8 of 10

Hi Shweta,

                Nice GUI again, good show all the best.

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Message 9 of 10

Hi Ganesha,

                   Your Vi is good. can you help me to acquire every 15or 30sec data into excel



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