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Webcast Wednesday Contest # 40

Question 1) Which of the following Block Diagrams could produce this result in Waveform Graph?

Question 2) Which of the following will allow you to have multiple plots on a Waveform Graph?

A) Bundle two 1D arrays of X and Y data together for each plot. Then build an array of these clusters and wire it to the Waveform Graph indicator.

B) Build an n-dimensional array of data with each plot in a separate row (or column) in the array, then wire the array to the Waveform Graph indicator.

C) Bundle the elements of each waveform into a cluster and build an array of these clusters, then wire the array to the Waveform Graph indicator.

D) Both B. and C.

E) Both A. and C.

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Rules & Guidelines

  • Post your answers as comments on this thread.
  • The participant answering all the questions correctly and in the shortest time will be the winner. In case of VI or code as answers, the participant will also be judged on the basis of the efficiency of the VI/code.
  • The deadline for answer submission is Monday.
  • Entries made after the deadline will not be accepted.
  • The winner will be announced in the next session of Webcast Wednesday and on this thread, with further information & next steps.

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