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Webcast Wednesday Contest # 4

I hope the color is not displayed in the indication tab. Here is the image of it.Analog Clock image.png

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That was an nice vi to look into very simple , gentle and understandable.

Balaji_DP wrote:

clock LV2011

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Check your clock again... after 12 moving to 1 pm the hour needle not moving corresponding minutes needle

Balaji DP
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Hi NGupta:

You are right.

I followed the performance of the Windows taskbar clock (Open your windows clock and how the minutes update ever 60 seconds). This carried on to the hour performance that you described.

What do you think of the second version?

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Second version looks good. But there is small bug between 12 to 1. The hour clock does not move between this duration

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Bug Fixed (As I mentioned earlier without any additional code).

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Hi All,

Many of you have made very good VIs. Kudos to you all


  • All of you have made clock VIs which are working well.
  • A few of you have made hours', minutes' seconds' hand that have different appearance, just like a real clock. That is really good.
  • Most of you have made smoothly moving hours' hand needle.
  • Some of you have resized the front panel while runtime & run when opened etc.
  • All of you have made neatly worked out GUIs. That is great.

I have a few suggestions for everyone:

  • You can use a 'Seconds to Date/Time' VI along with 'Unbundle By Name' to extract the time. By default, if nothing is connected to the above VI, it gives the current time. I see that many of you have used an elaborate set of string processing VIs to extract the time. It is not really necessary. You can look at the attached VI
  • For those of you who are still thinking how to proceed, customize the 'Gauge' indicator.
  • For those of you who have been able to implement clock with hours' minutes' and seconds' needle of same lengths, try implementing your clock with the needles of different lengths. As it is in a real clock (seconds' needle is longer than minutes' needle is longer than hours' needle)

We still have 4 days ahead of us. Keep improvising


Raviteja Chivukula

Staff Applications Engineer

NI India

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Attached the working clock, may not be the metallic frame used old clock frame...

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Hi Arib,

The VI is good. But it would be better if you had used a while loop so that the clock runs continuously. Also, from your picture, I see that you use, 'Run Continuously' option. It is recommended that you use the 'Run Once' button instead. Your VI should have the while loop so that the code repeats.



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Plese find attached the .rar file containing code for Analog clock, developed in LV2012.

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