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Regrading problem in interfacing LabVIEW/MATLAB

Respected Sir,

Am RamaKrishna from India pursuing Ph.D Sir I need your help to sort out the problem which I faced in interfacing LabVIEW/MATLAB.

Firstly I developed a VI in labview and a Simulink Model in MATLAB. I run VI, so that I got some output. Now I want to transfer this LabVIEW output as an input to MATLAB simulink model.  I use Simulation Interface toolkit but in that I understand the control in LabVIEW VI can control input to MATLAB model I couldnt able to find how to transfer LabVIEW output as an input to MATLAB model. Hope you understand my problem. For better understanding am attaching a file please go through that hope it will make you more clear.

If you dont mind please give your mail id also for furture reference. Mine is ramakrishna.iitroorkee@gmail.com

Thanking you sir.

Your Obdiently,


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