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Seattle LabVIEW User Group meeting - April 9th

Please join us for the next Seattle LabVIEW Users  Group (SLUGs) meeting.  We have some great presentations planned that you won't  want to miss.

When: April 9th, 7:00 –  9:00


DigiPen Instutute of Technology

9931 Willows Road Northeast

Redmond, WA 98052

Presentation #1:

Eddie Kaetz - Working with Subpanels

Learn to load and unload front panels of sub VIs in a subpanel of a parent application.

Advantages over Tab control:

                Using subpanels you can select many items to be displayed.

When the tab control has many pages the number of tabs become unmanageable.

                Your code is more modular.  Each display is independent from the top level application and can be easily modified, added or removed.

EX#1: Multiple devices under test.  Click on summary display and drill down to the front panel of a subVI controlling that device

EX#2: Multiple test equipment being controlled.  Use a combo box to select and load the front panel of the subVI for the desired instrument.

Presentation #2:

John Lokanis - CLA Summit Overview

Curious what happens when a large group of CLAs get together to talk about LabVIEW?  John will be presenting a summary of the CLA Summit so you can get insight on what was discussed.   Get your CLA this year so that you can attend the summit next year!


Food and drinks will be provided.  Register here: Seattle LabVIEW User Group Meeting

Feel free to invite anyone else that might be interested in attending.  Hope to see you all there!

Bob H
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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