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Local Actor Framework course, Aug 5-7 in Bellevue!

Hello all local SLUGs participants! I want to put the word out that we have an Actor Framework course scheduled locally in Bellevue, Aug 5-7 in a few weeks. This will be taught by none other than Allen Smith, CLA, leading expert on Actor Framework, former NI Systems Engineer, and current LabVIEW consultant.


Check out curriculum here:



Allen helped to write the book on Actor Framework, and more resources can be found here:


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Can you post a link to the book mentioned please?

Also: Price of the class? Registration link?

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Good question! Here's the link to register:



If you're interested, I can get you a quote with our Customer Education team.

Also, I was using "wrote the book" as more of a figure of speech, so I don't know that there's a literal book 🙂

That said, one of the links in the original post goes to a page where many Actor Framework resources are consolidated. You can be sure that Allen had a heavy hand the creation of many of them. 

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Speaking of AF, there was a presentation about it at Portland's LUG just yesterday, which has a bunch of useful links too including those not already listed above.



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