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WUELUG12 im April 2021: Effizienz im Umgang mit der LabVIEW IDE

Soweit ich mir das gemerkt habe, funktioniert das "Tabben" durch Arrays aber nur mit dem aktivierten automatischen Werkzeug, da man sonst durch die Werkzeugpalette tabbt.

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Nö, im FP geht das immer, und im BD nie...

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Videos würde ich auch gut finden. Hatte leider nicht teilnehmen können.

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Liebe WUELUGer, dear WUELUGians!!


Our 12th meeting exceeded all our expectations! Record numbers (90 registrations, close to 70 people over a long time, still close to 50 when we ended after four hours), a well-rounded set of presentations with fantastic presenters catering to an interesting topic that's relevant in daily work, very good audience participation with great questions, lots of new names (I'm especially happy about those #LabVIEWfriends joining from other German regions!) and a lot of fun!


Bildschirmfoto 2021-05-07 um 12.44.39.png

A big shout-out and thank you to all the participants and the presenters Stefan, Darren, Tom and Chris! Any presentation slides we get I'll share on our Google Drive and put them into the /Meetings/WUELUG12/ folder. 


This time, I've edited the recording into four separate videos on Youtube:


As always, we're collecting feedback etc in our "Organisational" thread. Ideas ans suggestions for new topics go into the "Topic Suggestions" Thread or into our Doodle at http://bit.ly/WUELUG-Doodle-2021.


The next meeting is planned for July 2021 - I guess we'll have another virtual one...


Stay safe, and see you soon,



DSH Pragmatic Software Development Workshops (Fab, Steve, Brian and me)
Release Automation Tools for LabVIEW (CI/CD integration with LabVIEW)
DQMH® (The Future of Team-Based LabVIEW Development)

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