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can I remotely manage NIVLM?

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can I remotely manage NIVLM?

I've been running NI VLM on my laptop to issue licenses to a mixture of LabView and CVI users.  Works fine when I'm in the office, not so great when I'm on travel, or I shut off the license server because it's taking too many of my CPU resources).    I'd like to move this to a "real" server -- but my IT department won't grant me remote login to that server.    That would mean chasing one of them down every time I needed to add/delete a user, etc.... which is why I'm currently doing all this from my laptop.


Does VLM support remote management yet?




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08-27-2015 04:09 PM

Re: can I remotely manage NIVLM?

Hi Kevin,


I am not sure what you mean by remote management. If VLM is on a server machine, then the server machine will have to be accessed to configure VLM. If you cannot physically do this, this will have to be done via remote connection. 


It sounds like you would best benefit from using disconnected licenses for your users. Disonnected licenses allow users to access software without pointing to the Volume License server. This way, you will not have to run VLM unless you are adding editing your licenses or users.


To implement this:

1. Open VLM and navigate to your users

2. In VLM 3.0, highlight the users and select disconnect from the leftside menu. In VLM 2.1.1, right click the user and select disconnect.

3. This will generate a license file that you will distribute to your users. Your users will open License Manager on their client machines and go to Options->Install License file and install the disconnected license you have granted them. They will then be able to take their computers off the network and will not be affected when you stop the VLM or take your machine off of the network.


Please post if you have any further questions. Good luck and have a great day!



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Re: can I remotely manage NIVLM?

Thanks for the reply, Jackie.


It's the physical access to the server that's the problem.... inconvenient to get IT to give me physical access, and they won't give me remote access.


I'm familiar with disconnected licenses; I've often used them in the past.   Running VLM remotely to add/delete users was what I was hoping to do.   I had a slim hope that the way to do this was hidden in documentation I hadn't yet found.


I think my work-around will be to get a new laptop (it's time, anyway). My existing laptop will continue to be the NI License Server.  I'll just put it somewhere that it's safe to leave on all the time and that I don't need to get permission from IT to access it.




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Re: can I remotely manage NIVLM?

Hi Kevin,


in my old company, I just used a standard office PC as license server. For remote access / administration, I simply used the Windows Remote tool.

Didn't want to get in touch with Corporate IT Smiley Wink

Worked fine (and still does)



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Re: can I remotely manage NIVLM?

Yes, that would work.  Even simpler for me is just having that standard computer sitting on my desk or in the electronics lab.  (Or anywhere else that I don't need to get permission from corporate IT to access).



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