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How to find Product Family for unattended activation script

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Using the NI documentation, I have been able to build a silent/unattended installer to deploy several LabVIEW products across my organization. My organization previously used the batch install method, but now use the Package Builder (as is required in the new version). This is my first time building the package as the original package creator has left our organization. Going from what I am able to find online, we previously used an activation script that used the product family as explained here: https://www.ni.com/documentation/en/ni-license-manager/latest/manual/automate-activation/


Can anyone please let me know where to find the product family names for the products installed? 

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mfinkUST, the license names are defined in the license file for the product that you are activating. For example: "C:\ProgramData\National Instruments\License Manager\Licenses\LabVIEW_FDS_PKG_180001.lc" has the text "PACKAGE LabVIEW_FDS_PKG" and "FAMILY=LabVIEW_ADE_180001", which correspond to the package and family name for LabVIEW 2018.


Note: If you are using NI Package Builder to call a custom execute to Automating Product Activation it might be helpful to be aware of a NI Package Builder 20.6 bug, 1461850 "Custom executes error during installation when arguments contain quote characters" that impacts your ability to pass arguments with spaces. The workaround is to use NI Package Builder 20.5 or call a script or EXE and the script can specify the arguments to NILM.


Scott Richardson
National Instruments
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Thank you Scott, that is exactly the information I was looking for!

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