Volume License Manager and Automated Software Installation

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How to activate a license on behalf of a customer?

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This question is about licensing a single SystemLink server. I'm not sure if it falls under the Volume Licensing forum; please move this thread if necessary.



In the past, the NI License Manager had a checkbox that said "I am the end-user of this software" or similar. I simply left that box unchecked and used my NI Account email address to activate software on behalf of customers.


However, recent versions of NI License Manager now require me to be logged into the PC permanently to activate software. There is also no longer a way to indicate that I am not the end-user of the software.


Main Question

Our customer has purchased a SystemLink license, and I'd like to activate it on their behalf. How should I do that without tying my NI Account to the customer's PC?


Additional Context

If it matters, we procured this server PC on behalf of our customer. The PC will be in our possession over the next few months for development -- that's why we are activating software for them.


Our customer is in a different city and is unable to access the PC to log in with their NI Account.

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Hello JKSH,


I think this is a workaround:



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