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Getting rid of NI Package Manager


Getting rid of NI Package Manager

Can I delete the NI Package Manager?

For one it wants to talk back to NI, and some machines are not connected to the Internet, just company Intranet.  I understand that we can set up our own internal feeds, but not all of us have the time to invest or desire to learn yet something like that.

And then it overrides the old National Instruments Software link in Programs and Features, which gave a somewhat quicker list of what is installed on the machine, without having to timeout trying to reach ni.com and having to click on a bunch of error popus.

And it doesn't offer the repair option, it's gone. Do I need to uninstall/re-install to do a repair?

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Re: Getting rid of NI Package Manager

Hi instrumento,


Yes, you can uninstall NI Package Manager and continue using the Windows typical uninstallation procedure. Here I leave a Knowledge Base article that will guide you on this un-installation process.

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Re: Getting rid of NI Package Manager

I tried that, i.e, uninstall NI Package Manager from "Program and Features", but it warns that there may be problems ahead if one needs to uninstall packages installed with Package Manager, thus I didn't to it.


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Re: Getting rid of NI Package Manager



If you uninstall Package manager it will only affect the software that was installed with it.  If you did not install anything from NI Package manager, you should not worry about it. You can proceed and uninstall it.



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