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Downgrade NILM from 4.4 to 4.3, possible? To resolve issue with VLM still at 3.1


Found the article here which describes how the local license manager (NILM) release 4.4 is not compatible with Volume License Manager 3.1.


Unless/until I can get our admin to update the license server, I would like to downgrade NILM to 4.3, so I can get my LabVIEW installation out of eval mode.  NILM 4.3 is available for download (as a zip of a standalone installer) but it refuses to install with 4.4 present.  And, in turn, NIPM won't remove NILM without removing most of LabVIEW and tools.  Sigh.


Is there a NIPM-compatible package for NILM 4.3 (and if so I'd fiddle with nipkg CLI to force a downgrade), or some other way I can trick the installers to do what I want here?




David Boyd
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Abbott Labs
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