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Do I get this right, that for NI VLM (amongst others like NI Launcher or Update-Service):

  1. the display language cannot be chosen freely;
  2. the display language depends on the Windows regional settings rather than the Windows display language?

If I want to provide the required language for an international team to work with NI software, I do not like to deal (means: reset manually) with decimal points, weird date and time display formats etc.

Or did I simply overlook something?



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Most product at NI automatically run based on the display language set in the OS, but also usually provide a way to run in one of the NI supported languages. The display of decimal points, dates and time formats are usually dependent on the regional settings specified in the OS. For some OSes, like Windows 10, this requires the respective regional data pack to be downloaded and installed.


For VLM specifically, you can force it to run in one of its supported languages (currently only English, French, German, Japanese) by running the following command in a command prompt:

  • (32-bit) "%programfiles%\National Instruments\Volume License Manager\NiVlm.exe" /locale <traditional LCID>
  • (64-bit) "%programfiles(x86)%\National Instruments\Volume License Manager\NiVlm.exe" /locale <traditional LCID>
  • Where <traditional LCID> is the traditional LCID value of one of VLM's supported locales:
    • English = 1033
    • French = 1036
    • German - 1031
    • Japanese = 1041
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