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Use this document to stay informed about updates to software, including our Critical Updates.

Member nlfdss

Are there any plans to have these alerts available via an RSS feed? Specifically http://www.ni.com/white-paper/13503/en/ would be much more helpful it had an associated RSS feed to monitor.

Member JohnWM

Thank you for your feedback.  Let me find out for certain about RSS feeds on our roadmap.

Member JohnWM

Just a quick update here.  We think we have a solution and are testing this now.  More updates soon.

Member JohnWM

To follow up and close this out for now.

We tested several methods for the RSS feed and found that using a 3rd party reader program works best.  For example, I have Bamboo Reader installed on my browser and everything is coming through. Our testing found that using the Outlook RSS feed (to see these in your email) is working, but intermittently. We think this is due to our company security profile on our email and are still researching.

I’ll post some procedures in the document section for everyone’s benefit.  In the interim if you are familiar with the RSS Feed be sure to add the ANNOUNCEMENTS RSS FEED to your reader and you will get the messages on Critical Updates.


As we make progress on using the Outlook reader, we will keep you updated.