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Q: What happens if a named-user logs into a computer where he is using a disconnected license?
A: Generally, this shouldn't happen since a disconnected PC isn't connected to the network. However, if it did happen, the named-user login would not consume a license.

Q: What is the priority/order of license checkout?
A: The order is set by order in the license file. In general, NI sorts the license file such that non-concurrent seats come before concurrent and license types are ordered: development, debug, then deployment. If this needs to be changed, a custom license file can be used.

Q: How does overdraft billing on multiyear VLA contracts work?
A: You still need to provide us with an annual compliance log for a multiyear VLA contract. If you have overdrafted licenses then we will use the compliance log to calculate how much is owed for the purchase of those licenses and prorated service to align with the rest of the contract. This will be done each year.

Q: Is overdraft per license or global for the entire agreement?
A: Overdraft is global by default.

Q: Can I run NI VLM outside of a Windows administrator account?
A: No, unfortunately the control that VLM needs requires administrative control of the PC.

Q: Does TestStand Debug Deployment check out a LabVIEW Debug license?
A: No, it should not. What may be happening here is that the user is checking out a Developer Suite with the ATE Option instead of the Debug Deployment, which is giving them access to the LabVIEW environment. They should check License Manager to see what license they have checked out.