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Specify Limits based on Variables/Measurements

Status: New



This could be a good improvement to create good programs in VBAI.

It could be very good if we can set the limits of functions based on variables or previous measurements. It is like how we can use the previous measurements when we Create ROI, select the position of a Custom Overlay.


Without this option, creating a user interface is not really functional, because whenever there is anything new, you need to go to programming interface and change the limits. But if we can enter variables for the limits of a function, we can create a good program to automate the inspections much more.


With this way, the operator can make everything without going to programming.


And it can also be very helpful to create operator independent automated inspections, which is very important for Quality Management System.



Active Participant

This is a good idea. Something you can do in the mean time is to use a Calculator step and pass in the results of any previous steps or variables or Custom UI controls and make your pass/fail decision in this step since it's completely customizable and you have access to any previous results you need to make dynamic pass/fail decisions.


Brad, thank you for your thought and contribution. Your suggestion is good if you need to use one instance of a function. But if you have many different ROIs, and if you need to add new things continously, it is not easy to use effectively which will keep new users away from the software.

Because in this case, you will need to deal with a couple of different functions for one inspection which will become difficult on a crowded program.

But if we were able to use variables inside functions, programmer will only need to change one function to create the program, they do not need to define logical operations every time.

I fully agree.  I know for a fact that this is the standard in VBAI's competitors (Cognex, MicroScan, Matrox, Keyence, Sherlock) and what most technicians and developers are used to.  Using a calculator step adds unnecessary overhead of several milliseconds.  If we have to do this for even 20 or 30 conditions, the overhead quickly becomes a serious obstacle for high speed applications.