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Ni-IMAQdx skip error

Status: New
When I have a camera with a parameter out of range, I cannot open the connection to this camera with NI-IMAQdx, the only way to connect with the camera is to use another Pleora Software like GevPlayer to communicate with the camera. This SW can open the connection and in the parameters outside the range it puts a sign (!) in front of the parameter.
my idea is to allow to open the connection with the camera the result is not an error but a waring indicated the first parameter that is out of range, with this we can correct the parameter and continue capturing image.
The function (IMAQdx Configure should return error in case a parameter is out of range, but function (IMAQdx Open it should not return an error but a waring as said before.
The same with CameraValidator only returns an error code which means (unable get attribute value)