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In Line Custom VI in Vision Builder

Status: Under Review

One power of the custom VI in Vision Builder is to be able to distribute code but sometimes the custom VI is just to execute special LabVIEW code for capability that isn't native in Vision Builder.  In the later case, it would be very helpful to enable the .VBAI inspection to include the custom VI ( .vi or .llb ) so that the code travels automatically when saving, copying, and sharing the .VBAI file.  There is already a check box to set the path to be "relative" but it would be ideal to have an option to In Line the custom VI directly into the .VBAI inspection so there is no chance to lose / break the code when sharing the .VBAI file.


Instead of a only check box for "relative path" include a second check box which says "embed into .VBAI inspection".  This would not be available in Start Up, Select Produt, or Clean Up parts of the state diagrams, only available in the Inspection State since that is the only state that loads from the .VBAI file.  Checking this box would copy the code into the .VBAI container and the sytem would know that's where to extract the code from.


The "embed" check box would be grayed out unless you first check the "use relative path".


Caution would be needed if copying a Custom VI step from the Inspection state diagram to the startup, select, or clean up states.


Optionally, an "open" option would also be great when you open a Custom VI step that someone else saved.  This way when editing the .VBAI inspection, someone could open the .vi or .llb which was embedded into the .VBAI file.


Perhaps speed would be a concern if trying to run directly out of the .VBAI container?





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