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Changing Overlay Thickness in VBAI

 When we create some geometries like circle, rectangle etc. in Custom Overlay step, we can not arrange the thickness of that geometry. We can not make something to be more apparent with changing the thickness.


The worst part comes out when you try to save/log an image while working with a high resolution camera. It is quite visible in VBAI Image Display window, but when you look at a logged image, you can not see any overlays because it has very small thickness(probably 1 pixel).


So, I think this feature can be added very easily and can help us create better visualization.

Great point.
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Status changed to: New
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Only the Overlay Multiple lines (IMAQ Overlay Multiple Lines 2) supports setting the overlay width for now, meaning we could implement that feature for the point, line, rectangle, possibly rotated rectangle, but not the Oval or ROIs.

Would that be acceptable until we make that available for all Overlay functions, or you do need the other types of overlay too?






Actually, I think having this feature also for circles is very important, because I use circles very often and I think most people interested in machine vision use, too.

So, in my opinion it is needed for all overlay functions but if you are planning to implement this immediately for line-like features and then develop for the other types, that is a fine improvement for now.


That idea was suggested here:


and this one also deals with Overlay Line Size..


With the image sizes nowadays, IMAQ Overlay Point is almost unusable...

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Status changed to: Completed

This is now available in Vision Builder AI 2015 for Point, Line, Rect, and Rotated Rect. Thanks for the suggestion.