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Ability to display more than two places past the decimal in Vision Builder!

Problem Description :
I am unable to enter more than two places past the decimal when entering in
tolerance into the pass inspection if.....
is there an update that can fix this issue? I believe this has never been addressed in any of the new
versions of VB. I can hold micron tolerances but cant do any pass fail because
when i put the numbers in they round up or down. they may be going in but i
cant see them and therefor cant refer back to what was put in because they do
not show past the 2nd decimal place. 


I agree with this and have also made this request many times. I do not understand why NI wont make this update to the software. This has become a sticky point with my customers who purchase my equipment.


Though you could make a calculator step to determine the pass/fail for every too, this seems rather complicated especially when you have the "calibrated" value right there anyways.


All of these pass/fail criteria should be able to use previous results as well.  Static fields mean we can't connect these with variables (or recipes) without going through calculator steps.



Active Participant
Status changed to: Under Consideration

I agree this would be a very helpful update. I will add this to our list of features to consider for VBAI 2019. Thanks for the idea and feedback.



Still waiting for this update, anyone know when it is coming?

Active Participant

We are in the process of deciding features for VBAI 2019. I will let you know if this makes the cut.

Active Participant
Status changed to: In Development

We will have the following steps updated in VBAI 2019 so they display up to 6 digits of precision:

Find Straight Edge

Find Circular Edge


Max Caliper

This should be available towards the end of this year. Hope this helps and thanks for the suggestion!