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What no bode plot and spectrum analyzer?

Even the considerably lower cost Analog Discovery 2 software provides turnkey, easy to use, and ready to use bode plot (network) analyzer and spectrum analyzer.

I'd buy a Virtualbench right now if the software had that (actually you could learn a lot from the software in the Analog Discovery 2).


Keep me advised.

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Dear Pesky Varmint

If you buy Labview I'm sure you can find lots of applications to do this and other functions.

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But I don't want to buy nor use labview. I want something as easy to use as an inexpensive Analog Discovery 2 but with better performance. Is that so hard?

By the way, does the arbitrary waveform generator have a simple PWL (piecewise linear) utility, just like in Spice? It can be very powerful in specifying exact amplitudes at exact times. Not to mention importing existing oscilloscope waveform output files to duplicate what you saw on your bench.

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I just noticed Virtual Bench has an 8-bit ADC on the scope. Analog Discovery is 14-bit.

Is that correct.

I already have an Analog Discovery and was looking to see if you had something better or at least better and less than around $2k cost.

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Hi PeskyVarmint,


What exactly are you trying to do? We have a myDAQ device with a 16-bit ADC (~$500):



We also have brand new software called DAQExpress that is free that you can use:


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The VirtualBench does have an 8-bit ADC.  Depending on the model it samples at 500, 1500 or 2000 MS/s with a corresponding bandwidth of 100, 350 or 500MHz.  


Analog Discovery is 14 bits but only samples at 100MS/s with 30MHz of bandwidth.  


There is generally a speed vs resolution tradeoff with high speed ADCs so it's not surprising that the Analog Discovery has higher resolution.  Also, please don't confuse accuracy with resolution.  Be sure to compare accuracy specs.  


You'll have to choose the right product for your application.




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