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VB 8012 Doesn't Boot



All of a sudden my VB-8012 will not power on. Nothing occurs with the power button and the Wireless LED is orange. The fan never turns on as well.


I've tried using the factory reset button, and I've checked the fuses and they show 0 Ohms as expected and look to be working.


Is there a way for me to debug further without opening the unit? Is there a USB debug interface?



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Have you tried leaving it unplugged for a few minutes?  I remember something similar happening to me during development of the VB-8012 and when I unplugged it and left it for our technician it turned on fine for him.  I don't remember the full details (like how long to leave it unplugged) but there's a fuse that will only clear when no power is supplied for a while and it's there in case VB-8012 was introduced to unsafe conditions to prevent damage to the device or the externally connected hardware.  I think the timeframe for it was something like 20 minutes to an hour.

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Ah that did give it some life. I noticed it was able to boot and even enumerated on USB, however shortly after, maybe 10-15 seconds, its starts to sputter off, and comes in and out of the "off" state. I left it unplugged for a few days as well with no luck 😞 


Maybe this self reseting fuse is finally busted? 

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It sounds like you'll need to go through a support channel to get something repaired on the device. 😞

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