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Minimal Acquisition time / Maximal Acquisition rate of Virtual Bench?

Dear all,


I need to record data in a triggered mode, with 1kHz acquisition rate.

What is acquisition time for virtual bench if I assume 1Gs/s sampling rate and e.g. 50-100us sampling window (for example, giving 0.5-1Ms/s average sampling rate)?

Can this mode be used for sustained acquisition with trigger at 1kHz and no dropped pulses?

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Which Virtual Bench are you using?

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Thanks for the reply.


At the moment I'm using Modell: VB-8012.

However, if this works out, I would love to upgrade to VB-8034 or even VB-8054 (models with 350MHz and 500MHz bandwidths and 4 channels).



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Now when I´m reading your question again, I´m not sure if I understand it well.


So what do you mean by acquisition time?

Is it time that Virtual Bench needs to take one sample (or time delay)? Or the whole array of samples?


Anyway, if you have 1 kHz acquisition rate than the time that it takes will be 1 ms (in my words acquisition time).

And if your sample rate is 1GS/s then you´ll have 1 M of samples in the 1 ms long window.

But if your window will be 100 µs (which is 10 times less than 1 ms) you will have 100 k of samples and your acquisition rate will be 10 kHz.

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Hi Tonda,


thanks for reply again.

Maybe term "acquisition time" was misleading.

What i would like to do is following:

1. set up sample rate of 1Gs/s

2. set observed window to lets say 100us (or shorter, down to 10us), that I can trigger. Thus i would have 100k samples in this 100us long window.

3. I will trigger this measurement, so that I observe this 100us long window after trigger arrives.

4. Trigger arrives each 1ms, so with 1kHz.

5. My need would be to be able to record this data with 1kHz, so that I do not drop any events if possible.


Maybe more accurate question would be:

what is the shortest "dead time", during which Virtual Benches scope is blind for incoming triggers.


Does this make sense?



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Hello  Nikolac,


Thanks for the clarification, now it´s clear for me.


According to VB-8012 datasheet, this time should be 1 ns for digital trigger (, p. 3).

So in my opinion, you will probably lose only one sample from analog input, running on 1GS/s.


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