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Announcing VirtualBench 16.0: free firmware update adds XY Mode, Hands-Free Smart Capture, Measurement Indicators

XY Mode

Plot one channel against another, aiding in IV curve characterization or in plotting Lissajous patterns


Measurement Indicators

View location indicators on the graph to better visualize where a measurement is being taken


Hands-Free Smart Capture

Hands-free option on Windows that allows for the automatic data capture of repeated, stable waveforms on the oscilloscope


Start the VirtualBench application and select Search for Firmware Update from the File menu or download the installer :


iOS App :


- Shruti Shirhatti



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For some reason my virtual bench will not update to 16.0. It is stuck at 15.2.1f2. Even when i try to update it with the web service. Does anyone know how i can update it?


Yours Sincerly

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Hi joepstar,


We've had a few issues with our servers caching older firmware files. I requested this morning for those caches to be flushed, and I've verified just now that our server is now providing the files needed for VirtualBench 16.0. Please try again, and let me know if you still have a problem.



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