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Medulla ViPER Framework

The Medulla ViPER Framework allows you to build any system at runtime from a set of standard components using a design document.

This is the same philosophy used for building a house, a Lego toy, or a home entertainment system. All use components that plug together to make a bigger more complex system. It’s the design document that instructs the builder on how to put these components together to make a thing.

The formal name for this kind of architecture is Dependancy Injection

A powerful use case for ViPER is the underlying architecture of a test system. A test system that at runtime can assemble itself based on a design document to be particular to the equipment used and product under test. That every test system on the production floor uses the same set of pre-verified components and that change simply requires updating or adding a new component.

Medulla uses the ViPER Framework to build medically compliant manufacturing systems that reduce development time and verification effort.

To learn more about what we do including how you can connect your manufacturing systems to the cloud please visit.