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Re: Agilent/HP – 3458A Possible driver request?

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Darn, I uploaded the HP3458A drivers late last night and I didn't realize until I tried to open them that I couldn't.  They are probably from LabVIEW 3.1 or thereabouts  and can't be opened by newer releases of LabVIEW.  I don't know if anybody out there can open them and save them in a later release.  If somebody can they might be of some use to the OP.

Sorry if they will be of no use.

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Hi brhanse,


there's a dedicated Version Conversion board…


The LLB in question is located in this message.

Best regards,

using LV2020 on Win8.1+cRIO
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Accepted by crossrulz

Interestingly, some of those VIs were still in 2.5, but some were in 2020.  Luckily, my LabVIEW 3.1.1 decided to actually work for me (it hasn't for a long while) and I managed to mass compile in 8.2.1 (except for those saved in 2020), which can be used in anything newer.  If you need something older than 2020, then I will have to do a Save For Previous.

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Thanks Crossrulz for saving them in a newer version of LabVIEW.  I hope the OP sees your post if he still has problems and these can help.  My post was supposed to be a reply to the message I had recently posted in the thread that the original posting was in.  I don't know how it got started in a new thread.  I didn't realize some of those drivers were in version 2.5.  I just now got an email asking if my topic solved my problem or I would never have seen these posting.  I'm sorry if I messed things up by this going to a new thread.



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