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Converting LabView 4.0 to LabView 2020 or similar


I would really appreciate if someone could convert these old libraries/VI's to a later version of LabView. 


These are two different packages that were created with a very early version of LabView, then converted to LabView 4.0 a little later. I would now like to have a look at these libraries again.


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There are some VIs in there that are still in LabVIEW 3.0.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to get my LabVIEW 4 to work on my system yet in order to upgrade those.

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OK. I did not realize. But I did test that it ran in 4.0 following the conversion. Does it simply fail loading into a later version of LabView with those version 3 VI's? Let me know if there's a chance you will be able to convert at some point?

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