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Announcing VeriStand 2016

Active Participant

We are pleased to announce the latest version of VeriStand real-time testing software, VeriStand 2016. Featuring a new and better way to handle large models directly from the UI Manager, the latest version reduces deployment time and improves execution time.

With improved model handling, you can change model parameters without interrupting your workflow. The new model handling engine in VeriStand 2016 efficiently accesses your model parameters only when needed and without having to import them into your system definition file, speeding up your ability to test different scenarios.

VeriStand 2016 builds upon the 2015 SP1 release, which announced a completely redesigned UI Manager and ASAM XIL support, and remains the most open and customizable real-time testing software on the market.

Learn more about the improvements and what's new.

Download VeriStand 2016

Luis Elias
NI VeriStand and HIL Product Manager