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Where can i find information "how to create workspace tool" ??


I found a note how to create custom device (it works perfectly), now the step after is to create a workspace tool (e.g. channel data viewer, console viewer ... ) where can i find such a note, examples ....  ???


Thanks .. 

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There is no special format or restrictions for a Workspace Tool. It is simply a VI that NI VeriStand invokes when the menu option is selected. This VI can do anything you want.


If you want it to communicate with the RT Target running the VeriStand Engine, you should use the API for the Execution VIs.


The one special thing you'd probably want to add to your Workspace Tool VI would be to call the Open Engine State Change Notification VI that enables you to register a User Event to detect when the Workspace is disconnecting from the target. This can tell you to close your Workspace Tool if the user doesn't do it manually. If you don't close your Workspace Tool when the Workspace disconnects and closes, NI VeriStand will wait a short time for it to close and then abort it.

Jarrod S.
National Instruments
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but how do we go about this? i want to have access to the veristand engine also



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Hi Jeff,

I am sorry for the late response. Is there anything specific that you wanting to accomplish. Can you give more details about your application?

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I want to create a workspace tool such as the channel data viewer. I need a tool that can be imbedded in Veristand and used during runtime.





Jeff Y

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A workspace tool is just a vi that VeriStand will invoke when selected from the menu. The VI can do anything you want. To get or set channel values from the tool, you will want to use the Workspace Execution API of VIs available in the <vi.lib>\NI VeriStand folder.


Another thing to remember is that you will need to build your tool into an LLB source distribution before you can use it in VeriStand, because otherwise VeriStand.exe won't be able to find all its subVIs.


Here is an example project that you can start with. It includes a source distribution to build the tool components into an llb. This is a very very basic example. There is a whole lot more you can do with the API.

Jarrod S.
National Instruments
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