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veristand ui manager screen design


I am working to migrate my veristand workspace into the new UI manager of the Veristand 2015 SP1 release.

I have some questions about the UI manager :

1/ For the Ring controls: how can I populate the values from the channel data ?

2/ For the LED control/Indicator : How can I change the color of the LED in the case of the value is False (always grey) ? I expect something like a light color for False and bright color for true

3/ For the Numeric control/Indicator : How can I change the color of the background (always white or grey) ?



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Regarding the Ring Control question:


There are new tools available in VeriStand 2015 SP1 to allow channels to embed name/value pair information within their meta data in the system definition. For instance, a command channel might indicate in the metadata that the following mapping:

0:Close File

1:Open File


Some built-in System Channels like System Command will populate this meta data when you create a new system definition file. Note that we don't do mutation for old system definitions created before 2015 SP1 for this.


Also, Custom Devices now have a function available for the custom device to read or write this meta data onto its own channels. See the following VIs:

<vi.lib>\NI VeriStand\Custom Device API\NI VeriStand - Set Custom Device Channel Value

<vi.lib>\NI VeriStand\Custom Device API\NI VeriStand - Get Custom Device Channel Value


Also, the Embedded Data Logger and XNET components in VeriStand take advantage of this functionality to specify the name/value pairs for their command and status channels. Also, if the XNET database has name/value pair information in it, the XNET component will apply that information to the corresponding signals when you import them or refresh your database in System Explorer.


So to get the most value out of this feature, you should be:

1) Using XNET CAN databases that have this information populated

2) Using Custom Devices that are updated for 2015 SP1 and populate this information for their channels


UI Manager can then extract this name/value pair information for channels that it finds and automatically populate the ring control with those name/value pairs.


Hope this helps! If you want to see it in action quickly, just create a new system definition and map a UI Manager ring control to the System Command system channel.

Jarrod S.
National Instruments
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Hi Jarrod,


you mentioned that an XNET Database can be populated with name/value pairs. How does this work? I couldn't find any information on this in the XNET Database Editor's help.




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Hi Jarrod,

I am happy to find your explanation because I was unable to understand how this functionality was working.

In fact the nivssdf file need to be created with the last version of VeriStand (and not updated) and even the examples installed with VeriStand 2016 (included the Engine Demo used for the UI tutorial) doesn't include the metadata.




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Hi @Jarrod_S,


Do you have any more information on how to view/manage name/value pairs in XNET? DBC files have this information but it seems to disappear when imported into XNET. 

Also, can you point me to the API call where you would read/write this name/value information from a Veristand Channel?



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