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mapping constant block parameters in simulink to a Veristand control block

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I am trying to take a simple model of a RL circuit in simulink (built a dll file) and add control of constant blocks in Veristand to dynamically change the value of R and L constant thru the Veristand Slider or Numerical indicator. I can see the ouput of the model executing, based on the initial values I have loaded, but I am not able to mapping these Parameters to the any numeric control. 


Any thoughts of how to accomplish this!

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When you add the model in the system explorer, do you have inports on the  R and L on your model in the system explorer?  If you can see them there and the connect inside the model properly, you should be able to attach these to controls in your workspace.


Here is some information on setting up your model.

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Yes in the model explorer I am able to inport the Parameters. When I run my workspace and try to define the channel of a Numeric Control as the Gain I added in the Parameters of the System Explore, it does not list parameters as a option. When I define this channel of the Numeric Control is on list Simulation Models -> Models -> rl_tjh -> Execution ; it does not have an option to select Parameters.



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Accepted by topic author TreverJHassell

Hey Trever,


You have to use a model calibration control to interact with parameters, not a numeric control.


Take care!

Stephen B
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