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how to detect the delete channel event in a custom device

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I am creating a custom device and want to detect when the delete (X) button on the system explorer is pressed.  This is so I can increment or decrement a counter in a folder (where the channel is under).  I didn't see any option in the UserEvent loop option.  How do I detect that a channel is being deleted?, I am sure this is easy, but I can't seem to figure it out.



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Generally I would recommend not doing this... If you can avoid it. For example the parent folder can hopefully just do a get item children -> array size to count the channels rather than store a property that could get out of sync. I always try to design my devices to not store any property values for things I could go get.

that being said... Sometimes you do need this. You want an actionviondelete:
Stephen B
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Thanks for the link and the advice.  I will try to think about the best way to implement this. 

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