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embedded data logger gaps

Hi all,

   it seems that the embedded data logger does not record gaps when the log trigger is triggered multiple times when recording on the same file.

Is mine a correct assumption? I tried viewing the excel export and the TDMS viewer output and there is no trace of the "missing" data.

If I try recording 10 minutes and strop the log for 2 minutes I get a solid file which shows 8 minutes of recording with no gaps. Does the TDMS format support gaps such that a custom TDMS exctraction tool can show the gaps (implying a limit on  the TDMS viewer that ship with VeriStand 2011)?

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I recommend logging a time channel along with your data so you can identify gaps

Stephen B
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The embedded data logger does not log gaps as you noticed. There are two possible approaches that can help you organize your data:

1. Timestamp your file names. Whenever you want to enable logging again, set th Log File Command channel to 1 to open a new file instance. Then set the Log Status channel to 1 to start logging in the new file. This way every file has only contiguous data.

2. Log a Timestamp channel such as System Time in every channel group. Then your data becomes xy data, and you should be able to plot it as such in Excel.
Jarrod S.
National Instruments
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jinx 12345678910 🙂
Stephen B
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System time seems to be relative.

We are now running a model that return the RT system clock time and translate it to an excel datetime float64, plotted data shows the gap and makes life easier to go on and spot the correct data when post analyzing long test sessions.

Thank you.

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