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can't depoly veristand project with carmaker custom device

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I encountered a problem when trying to deploy veristand project with carmaker custom device.

The error description looks like:


Error 5000 occureed at Project Window.lvlib:Project>>Project Window.lvlib:Command>>Project Window.lvlib:Connect to


This error code is undefined. Undefined errors might occur for a number of reasons. For example, no one has provided a description for the code, or you might have wired a number that is not an error code to the error code input.



When I remove the carmaker custom device, I can deploy successfully. So I guess it is a problem of carmaker custom device.

Anyone knows any solution? Thanks very much.

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Accepted by topic author Cartman_abc

That looks like a custom error coming from the carmaker custom device. If you are using a NI Linux Real-Time controller as your target, I would recommend you follow these instructions. In addition, you can follow IPG's instructions for how to use their custom device in VeriStand. In the past, this error was resolved by updating the CarMaker Project Directory in the custom device configuration page in VeriStand.

NI Product Owner
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Can you provide a detailed description of the solution steps? Looking forward to your reply. Thank you

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