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X-Series card and Veristand

This is a two part question.

1. I have a PXIe-6356 that I'm trying to setup in Veristand.  The card has 4 counters, but for some reason Veristand won't let me add more than two?

2. I'm trying to use the counters to measure the directional velocity from an encoder on a rotating shaft (e.g. how fast it's spinning and which direction).  How would I go about setting this up in Veristand?  I know how I could do this in Labview, but I'm not sure how to do it in Veristand.



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Hi Dustin,


That's a great question.  As of now, when you are adding an MIO device, you can only choose up to two counters.  That could be a major problem for X Series users such as yourself if a work-around doesn't exist.  Luckily, a work-around does exist for this.  Here are the steps:


1. Add an MIO device with two counters (and any AI/AO/DIO you would like to use).

2. Right click on your newly created device and choose "Add Channels".

3. Under Type, choose "CTR".

4. Add as many counters as you need.


As for your second question, VeriStand doesn't currently support velocity measurements, so you would need to create a custom device for this.  Refer to the Custom Device Tutorial for more information on how to do this.




Todd V

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