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Veristand and Matlab

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-at starting of MATLAB 2020b , message warns " VeriStand Linux64 toolchain not found "
-I have Windows 10 21H2 x64bits

how do i configure the toolchain?

Please look at the attachment.



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I found that if you installed Matlab after VeriStand the model generator will not hook up right.  You can reinstall the VeriStand model generator again and it will then hook into Simulink. Otherwise you should have a 'm' file NIVeriStandAddPaths.m at C:

VeriStand.  You can run this inside of Simulink and then try to build.

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Accepted by topic author marc.cescutti

Have you installed the C/C++ development tools: Those are required for cross-compiling models for NI Linux RT: That would be one reason why the Linux64 toolchain specifically is not initializing, since it appears that the Model Framework is initializing properly. 


As a FYI, as of VeriStand 2021, NI offers a new toolbox for Simulink model generation. This toolbox more closely follows MathWorks best practices as part of NI & MathWorks' collaboration. This would be a separate toolbox from the VeriStand Model Framework for integrating models (you will use only one). The main limitation in the new toolbox at this time is the inability to expose signals for debugging purposes, but we hope to address this in a release later this year. Benefits of the new toolbox include improved toolkit support (i.e. Simscape), install/documentation experience, and overall improvements around compilation stability for common model hierarchies. 

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hi joshe,


I have been on holiday since July 19 in the evening of 2022. I am writing to you from my home and not from the office.


I can't do any manipulations at the moment.


 I installed Matlab before Veristand, I'm sure.


1) However I do not understand, it is necessary to modify the file "NIVeriStandAddPaths.m"?

2) Should reinstall veristand before editing this file if it doesn't work?


Thank you for your reply.

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Hello Brian.D


Thank you for your detailed response.


I am currently on vacation, I will return to the office from August 18th.

To answer you, it seems to me that I did not choose this module when installing Labview 2021 Spring


To find out, if this "C++" module is installed, can I see the NI package tool?


I will try to connect remotely to get screenshots.


Thank you for your support

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Hi all,


I was able to connect remotely, I used NI Max to see if the C/C++ module is installed. I don't know if it's the right tool.
Below are the screenshots.






I also found the file  in C:VeriStand. "NIVeriStandAddPaths.m" , I don't know what to change.

I put it as an attachment.


Tell me if I can do anything else.... Thanks for our support.




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Hi Marc,


You can check on the installation in NI Package Manager as shown below. The C/C++ dev tools needed to enable compiling for NI Linux RT should display there, you will need to uncheck the "Products only" checkbox for it to display.




I verified that not having those tools installed is one reason why you would receive your error. The rest of the Model Framework is initializing properly, it is specifically the Linux64 toolchain that is failing.

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Hi brian,


I'm back at work, Thank you for your reply. I have a few more questions.


I didn't find the tool "c/c++ development tools" with NI Package Manager the tool , as shown below , I can to find and install it with NI Package Manager ?



else I was able to find this , as shown below, is this the right sofware tool?


C/C++ Development Tools Download - NI




Thanks for our support.


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hi Brian


...I've just installed C/C++ Development Tools Download - NI


and now ,I don't know how to test quickly... Thank you for your help




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Hi Marc,


It looks like everything initializes properly now, so you should be able to proceed with compiling a model. Since you are using VeriStand Model Framework, you can refer to this portion of the manual


As a reminder, as of VeriStand 2021, NI offers a new toolbox as well for compiling models This toolbox more closely follows best practices, and the documentation is packaged within the toolbox. This toolbox will produce a .vsmodel, which can then be imported into VeriStand via the Mapping Diagram. 

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