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Veristand Workspace how to run


I'm working in Veristand with a cRIO, and at the begining I used the screen and to run the programm  I clicked on the idle and deploy.

Now I'm trying to use the workspace, however I don't how to run the programm. For the moment I have to go to te screen and run in it. I think there is a way to run directly in the workspace.


Thank you



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There are two ways to run VeriStand (at least in 2019)  the User Interface one (default) C:\Program Files\National Instruments\VeriStand 2019


And the old style project explorer with the work space C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\VeriStand 2019\VeriStand Project Explorer.exe (this is the one used for Labview API's)


You can't run from the workspace, but you can from the project explorer or you can from the stimulus profile (I think).



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