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Veristand + Generate waveform on DAQ Analog output


I dont know how generate a waveform  example type :  Sinewave [Frequency+Amplitude]


With DaqMX+ Labview it is easy. 

There are no easy way in Veristand ? I use Veristand 2015.  Maybe in other version?


O I need to Create a custom device ?


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It depend on the characteristics of the signal you want to generate.


A basic approach, with only 'native' VeriStand components: use a calculated channel to compute the value of a sinewave (for instance) according to the system time. You can use user channels to define amplitude and frequency, and use it in the formula for more flexibility. Then, map this calculated channel to a DAQmx analog output. The refresh rate of the output will be the same rate as the Primary Contol Loop of your target in the system definition (one new sample for each PCL iteration). Thus, it will work for 'low frequency' signals to generate.


If you need to go further, a Custom Device could be a better approach IMHO. Pick a look there: GitHub - NIVeriStandAdd-Ons/DAQ-Waveform-Function-Generator-Custom-Device (I just found the page, I didn't try to build and run it).



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