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VeriStand workspace restart

I have noticed that by exiting to the VeriStand 'Getting Started' windows and then back into VeriStand workspace, sometimes the worksapce controls and indicators do not initialise properly. In contrast, by killing VeriStand on the host PC altogther and then restarting into VeriStand again always ensures the workspace controls and indicators are initialised correctly. 


Is exiting VeriStand workspace to the 'Getting Started' windows  supposed to have the same effect as shutting down VeriStand completely on the host PC and restarting VeriStand workspace again?

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You should not have to exit VeriStand for the Workspace to reinitialize properly when you open it. Can you explain exactly what happens when the controls and indicators don't initialize properly? What are they doing incorrectly?

Jarrod S.
National Instruments
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