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VeriStand SP1 XNET deployment error

I upgraded to VeriStand SP1 and started getting a deployment error when I add CAN ports to my system definition.  Originally I had XNET 1.4 and thought I might need to upgrade to XNET 1.5 and I get the same error.  I've attached a screen shot of the deployment error.  It basically states that the "C:\ni-rt\NIVeriStand\XNET\NI-XNET.llb\" is not executable.  I browse to this location on the target and the library contains this VI and it does not appear to be broken.  All appropriate software is installed on the target.  Let me know if anyone has any ideas.  Thanks.


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Hi Holt,


What happens if you create a new system definition file (SDF), add the CAN ports, and deploy that?  If it's successful, try the CAN demo one more time and let me know the results.  


VeriStand will not redeploy dependencies (or check them again) unless it sees a change in the SDF.  By creating a new SDF, we will ensure that the XNET libraries are deployed.  An alternative to creating a new SDF is to modify your existing SDF, save it, revert changes, then save again.  This will let VeriStand know that the SDF changed and will redeploy dependencies.




Che T.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Thanks for everyone's help.  I was able to fix the issue by uninstalling and reinstalling VeriStand and XNET on my host machine.  I then reformatted and reinstalled software on my target.

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you didn't get the point...

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