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VeriStand API - make active a SDF

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I'm working on VS 2020 and LV 2020. I want to command VS via LV API.

I have the VS project that has more than one SDF.

1. How can I make active one of these SDF?

2. It is possible force VS to doesn't show the message when I undeploy the SDF?


Best regards,


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Hi Fabio,


We have not introduced the ability to script .nivsprj Project files; that is the file which holds the Active SD flag in it.  There is a hope that in late 2023 we can finally get this + an ability to script .nivsscr Screen files added to a future version of the product. This has been a background TODO for the VeriStand R&D team for quite awhile.

Until that point, you can workaround this shortcoming by programmatically managing your SD files and deploy them within your own automation code.

Darin Gillis
NI - Chief Product Owner - VeriStand
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Hi Fabio,

You can manipulate the project XML file directly to achieve this.

Each SDF is saved under "/SourceFile/Project/NameScopingEnvoy/SourceFileReference" elements.

Out of all those SDF elements, the active one is called out at "/SourceFile/Project/NameScopingEnvoy/EmbeddedDefinitionReference/SdfFilePath/@SdfPath" 


Active SDF.png

Hope this helps.


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