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VeriStand 2014 Tutorial Missing Info

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The VeriStand 2014 tutorial says to add a custom indicator called "Helicopter(3dView)" which is a LabVIEW 3D picture control containing a 3D animation of the helicopter on which this tutorial is based.  However, it doesn't tell you how to add a custom indicator or where to find this "Helicopter(3dView)" 3D picture control indicator.


I've looked around in the VeriStand workspace and I can't find anywhere that mentions custom controls or indicators.  Also, I looked in the files on the disk for the aforementioned 3D helicopter indicator with no success.


 EDIT:  I opened the solution to phase I and it failed to load the 3D model and the numeric slider (which I also don't have).

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It is also missing "Set Single Value.nivsseq".


If anyone has these three missing items, I would appreciate if you could post them (slider numeric control, 3D model of helicopter indicator, and  "Set Single Value.nivsseq").

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Hmm we tried a new process for releasing this and there appears to be some issues. My appologies. I'm working on a fix now.

Stephen B
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Accepted by topic author Nathan_B.
Fix is up. Re download, uninstall then install again
Stephen B
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Everything seems to be there and the solutions are working now.  Thanks for your help.

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