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Upgrading old VeriStand project

At work we have a pretty complex test stand that was commissioned about 10 years ago and runs VeriStand 2011 on a Windows 7 machine.  I have been asked to investigate upgrading it, as we will continue to need to support it for probably another 5 years.  The major issues we have right now are that Windows 7 is unsupported by both Microsoft and our company IT department, and the entire system has really started to slow down and sometimes has trouble deploying.  So, I'm looking to the NI community to help me maybe identify some initial pitfalls that I may need to investigate before jumping in and seeing if I can get the project to run on a more modern setup.  I'd appreciate any feedback on anything below that may jump out at someone as a potential issue.  We'd like to move to a Windows 11 machine and jump as many versions of VeriStand as possible.


Here's a quick list of what I think are the relevant details of the setup:


  • Windows 7 used as the front end GUI, deploying the project to the target controller
  • Hardware:
    • PXI-1042 chassis
    • PXI-8108 controller
    • PXI-8513 CAN card
    • PXI-8231 Ethernet card
    • AIT PXI-C429 ARINC card
    • 5 EtherCAT chassis populated with various CRIO cards
  • Software:
    • VeriStand 2011
    • Inertia add-on for PID control and stimulus profile scripting
    • A custom high speed data logger for use with piezoelectric transducers
    • XNET database for the CAN data
    • Custom device for the ARINC card
    • Custom device for the EtherCATs
    • Standalone Labview program for reading Ethernet (not incorporated into VeriStand)
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Assuming that your PXI-8108 controller is running the Pharlap ETS RTOS, unfortunately VeriStand 2020 R6 is the last version that supports Pharlap. Reference: Announcing VeriStand 2021

At the same time, the first supported version of VeriStand in  Windows 11 is 2021 R3. Reference: NI Product Compatibility for Microsoft Windows 11

That being said, it is unsupported (technically possible but not validated and supported) to upgrade your current setup to Windows 11 without upgrading your hardware. For minimal effort, the latest version you can go is VeriStand 2020 R6 in Windows 10.

Control Lead | Intelline Inc
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